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Petrol station branding services - Case: Hispaniola

Petrol station in finland


Client: Hispaniola Petrol Stations

Hispaniola is a petrol station whose mission is to provide oil for the automobile consumption, with several petrol stations around the caribbean seas.

Task: Rebrand & Web Design

Hispaniola was looking forward to changing its corporate identity - brand new fresh designed logo, new visual identity, etc. Also they needed a new corporate footage where potential consumers could know in a nutshell what Hispaniola is.


The budget was set very high in order to achieve the best results. The budget also included SEO, SMO and SEM consultations.

Branding Planning - Strategy - Solutions


What they asked for

Hispaniola marketing branding was built to be a global brand but the beguinnings were challenging. Offering sales and distribution of fuels and the clear perspective to branch out into different trends within the sector, Hispaniola was created as a familiar business several years ago, the growth and the current competitive factors compelled them to find ways to make the brand fresh and easy to position. A full rebranding was necessary and a new set of marketing materials were in urgent need.  

What awesomedia did

The branding is visually built under the inspiration of the first settlers of the island named The Tainos, Tainos were aborigens who ruled the island before spaniards conquered them . The icon that accompanies the name is inspired by an ancient piece of Taino pottery, the main star, the sun, represent the powerful perennial sources that nourishes the planet and the whole life. 

Skills used 

  • Art direction
  • Print
  • Campaign Identity
  • Filming (click below to see the movie)



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Visual Identity For A Petrol Service Station - Case: Wenigas

Branding Services Tampere Finland

Client: Wenigas

Wenigas is a renowned petrol & service station located in america, with more than 100 stations located around different cities.

Task: Re-branding, visual identity

Wenigas founders wanted to change their corporate identity - new logo, new slogan, etc. Also they needed a new modern web site with new features.


The budget was set high in order to achieve the best results.

Planning - Strategy - Solutions

Re-branding of Wenigas Petrol & Service Station

And all of a sudden it came the time for Wenigas, a renowned petrol service station to expand into other cities of america out of LA. Wenigas found out after some qualitative research that its current brand wouldn't help them at all in this effort. Wenigas was looking for that long cherished wow effect that would enable them to position the brand as global and modern one. They had to change the initial name they had into a name that correspond with its latin origins without loosing the new modern face. 

What they asked for

The customer decided to undergo into a totally new, modern and refreshing visual identity work in order to set up the image into a global path. Wenigas empowered Awesomedia to completely build a totally new american brand that could boost its crossed gasoline distribution marketing activities.

What we did

The best way to make the image of the company to communicate in an interesting way, is to make it swirl around the origin of the product they offer. Analyzing this, we opted in for the visual line with stylized representation of the key components of the mother earth layers, deeply rooted layers that connect us to the surface, say, the source where the gas is found deep inside the roots of the earth. 

We found out that the customer experience in a wide variety of service stations not only in North, Central, South or Europe is really unpleasant to use. We opted out to rely more in the unprecedented experience rather than just utilitarian one, so we wanted to go beyond simple oil-gasoline purchase, we wanted to add value to that whole process. Together with local architects we developed the earth concept, implying the source but also unique, approachable and friendly space to have a good time.  With four leaves in different colors, the logo communicate dynamism provided by the liquefied gas in different facets of many people's lives, and the range of applications it has in many countries. This color scheme is a flexible and easy to adapt to all the channels used. The new elegant branding and visual identity schemes were reported as visually eye-catching and a generator of ineffable experiences in all touch-points. 

It was reported during its first 4 weeks of its launch, Wenigas retail sales broke records of up to more than 500%, soemething never seen before in the history of petrol's service stations around the world. Wenigas has now become the favorite spot in the road to stop and chill out. It is also now considered one of the best fast food spot in the road.

Skills used 

  • Art direction
  • Marketing
  • Print
  • Visual Identity
  • Webdesign/webdevelopment/e-commerce,online shopping
  • Social media consulting



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Awesomedia is marketing and advertising agency group based in Tampere-Helsinki, Finland specialized in brand identity building services. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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