• Standing out of the shelf via differentiation

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    It takes 7 seconds to make a purchase desicion at the supermarket. It all happens at the shelf-space. During those 7 seconds your package will either grab the attention of the consumer or will simply remain with the left 800,000 products. The consumer will take average 40-50 items in their shopping cart. The packaging is of utmost importance, it must be physically attractive and visible. It must stand out from the rest: Better packaging will influence a better shelf-positioning.

    Awesomedia offes visual identity, branding building services to all the food processing and packaging solutions companies world wide. End customers and suppliers will stand-out with a unique package for all type of food & beverages.

    Let's create an awesome design for your new food & beverage launches or re-launches. Whether you are a start-up or a large corporation with a start-up spirit!


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