Internationalization of service firms

  • global marketing mindset


    Not so long ago, everytime we heard global brand (naming and branding), only big players came to our mind. Big brands such as a Apple, Google, Facebook, Pepsi, Coca Cola, among others were considered the most successful cases. However, as things have exponentially changed we are now living in the worm hole of marketing. Different tools, different resources has made the whole arena different and indeed providing all the elements needed to go ahead with this important task.

    Brand is nothing but reputation, it is more than a visually appealing logo. "Think of a brand as a reputation," says Paul Williams, founder of the international marketing firm Idea Sandbox. We add to this that to create a brand reputation different key factors are to be taken into account and this usually involves the whole company as a living organism, as a cell.

    From a local and global or as we call glocal perspective, going global is an advantage for your business, thinking global while being local in spite of wherever you are or where are you based is paramount. By having the glocal mindset you are already having a tool to build your brand and make it recognizable. A brand that is fully recognized is prone to be charged a premium for your product or service. Your target will pay even more if they trust your brand, they surely know what is that brand up to and what they can get once the purchase. And in the other hand you will always charge more because of what your brand promised. 

    How to start thinking international? How to structure a glocal mindset?