augmented reality branding services

  • Brand experiences and micro-moments via a brandable augmented reality experience!

    Engaging your target via augmented reality branding approaches and linking virtual spaces with real-life locations will become paramount in the next years. 

    Augmented reality technology can help you to broaden marketing conversion rates, influence the consumer experiences either from finding any new products to the final purchase desicion, all this by combining elements of print and online advertising to deliver a more convenient, easier and more fun journey. It is a team work that melt graphic designers, marketers and advertisers, computer scientists and a well documented marketing branding strategy in order to effectively integrate the application into the buyer persona journey. 

    The Awesomedia methodology is: Instead of hastily developing AR apps with a high risk of a gimmicky results, we start by focusing on the final consumer interaction with this new technology and finally see if it will really bring value to the whole buyer persona journey. AR is not merely bringing forth a new reality yet enhancing what we already have.

    As part of our augmented reality branding, marketing services, awesomedia can create for you, for ex. from brochures with any element coming out of it and interacting with your audience till interactive tools such as fine art painting, games like Pokémon GO with your products in the center scope, etc. Our Awesomedia team can build educational augmented reality projects for your students from any career.

    The sky is not the limit anymore, it is all now a game of the mind.

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